Business Succession

Improper or, simply, lack of a strategic succession plan can spell disaster for small- and medium-sized business owners who typically have a majority of their assets and wealth tied to their businesses. Failure to properly plan a business exit can have significant negative consequences for the business owners as well as their families and the business itself.

ESOP Strategies takes an inclusive approach to advising on the succession of a business so that executed plan satisfies the best interests of all stakeholders—the business, and the business owners. We help the business owners evaluate all options for exiting and/or transitioning the business which may include an ESOP, sale to third-party (strategic buyer or competitor), management buyout or generational transfers to family members.

Once the desired outcome is identified, ESOP Strategies helps advise the business owner on preparing for the transition. This includes an evaluation of the business owner’s estate to ensure that all tax advantages are considered as well as advising on preparing the business itself for any planned transaction.