Representative Strategies

ESOP Strategies helps clients from across a variety of industries explore, establish and maintain Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). We have closed more than 250 ESOP transactions, including new ESOP formations, mergers or other target acquisions by ESOP companies and sell-side deals. Here are some examples of our recent work:

  • Advised selling shareholders and board of directors of Navy Ship Repair Yard on ESOP feasibility and establishment of ESOP and sale of 100% of stock to the ESOP;
  • Counseled Ship Painting and Blasting Company and shareholders in establishment of ESOP, sale of 100% of stock to ESOP for $52 M in Bank and Seller financed transaction; thereafter Company became tax exempt ESOP-owned S corp.
  • Merged two 100% ESOP-owned companies into holding company (and merged ESOPs) in order to take advantage of companies’ complimentary lines of work and client bases;
  • Advised communications firm and shareholders in moving to 100% ESOP status, in transaction valued at $26 M;
  • Represented board of directors in sale of 100% ESOP-owned international manufacturing company to a Fortune 100 strategic buyer for $135 M following auction process;
  • Counseled trust company on long-term plan for ESOP to purchase minority interests from non-employee stockholders;
  • Advised NASA contractor on establishment of ESOP and stock sale to ESOP in 1042 gain-rollover transaction;
  • Counseled debt collection agency on establishment of ESOP and 100% stock purchase by ESOP;
  • Organized tax-free corporate split-off of two operating subsidiaries from ESOP-owned company into separate ESOP-owned companies in order to maintain small-business government contractor status of each;
  • Represented software company on plan of shareholder redemptions and ESOP stock contributions in light of company’s employee benefits and executive compensation strategy;
  • Advised board of directors on sale of 100% ESOP-owned shipyard to private equity firm, and termination of ESOP thereafter;
  • Structured sale of financial services firm to ESOP in a 1042 gain-rollover transaction.